In the late 1970’s science teachers at Overlea SS / Marc Garneau CI started a tradition of having a science show on the last day of school before the Christmas Break. The shows became known as the Chemistry Christmas shows. In total there were 29 shows spanning over 30 years ( we missed a few years).

1981 was the first year the show was recorded. The shows were corny, silly and filled with lots of bad acting. Eventually the shows started to spoof popular culture and made fun of movies such as Jurassic Park, Star Trek, Men in Black, the Grinch and CSI. The script was often the same with a few minor variations. Students looked forward to the shows each year, often scrambling to get the few tickets available. Good or bad, funny or not The Chemistry Christmas Show was a great way to laugh at your teachers, see a few science demos and end the year with a bang, literally.

As I digitize the shows I will upload them for former students and staff to enjoy.