I am Maimuna Akhter, a recent graduate of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute and an incoming student at the University of Toronto’s Life Sciences program. I had the opportunity to be the president of our school’s Art Council and helped coordinate Art Shows, Doodlefest, and the making of several murals and a mosaic. This taught me how I can use art to raise awareness of important topics from mental health to diversity. Throughout my life, art has been an outlet for my frustrations and has calmed me. I used Art Council as a means of sharing that experience with our student body. I am honoured to be a recipient of the For the Love of Art award from the Overlea Garneau Alumni Association. I applied because during the past four years, I worked to increase the presence of art in our school and create a space where any student can come to learn something new and take a break from the stressors of school. I believe in celebrating art as well as using art to celebrate us and our differences.

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