Graduating from Garneau and starting a new academic chapter at the University of Toronto, I had a goal in mind – I wanted to expand my intellectual horizons. For the longest time, as a child, I’ve always had a burning passion for international affairs. I would read the UN Declaration of Human Rights in my free time, I would watch live feeds of Palestine and other disempowered areas, and I obsessed over food vlogs from all over the world.  I decided very early on to set my eyes on working for Foreign Services as a diplomat, and quite frankly, that hasn’t changed much at all. I applied for the Overlea Garneau Alumni Scholarship because, of course, coming from a family of modest income, I very well sought out financial support. But even more importantly, I believe that the values embodied by the alumni association – values such as conscientiousness, proactiveness, and excellence – are ones that aligned with my own.  I am thrilled and truly honoured to be a part of this alumni association. I’m attending UofT St. George for a double major in Political Science and Sociology. 

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