I was excited to see that the OGAA was offering such incredible support to MGCI students who actively contributed to their school and local community. Reflecting on my various extracurriculars and community work, I felt I would be a great candidate for this award and so I applied in hopes that I’d be able to get one step closer to better financing my post-secondary education. During these unprecedented times due to COVID-19, receiving this award has been an especially crucial financial relief as I enter my first year in the Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. I plan on majoring in Human Biology and would ultimately like to pursue a medical career. I still have quite a bit to learn about myself and my strengths before I can really determine my place in Medicine, however, the vision I will keep in mind as I go through this journey is that I am working towards improving the health and lives of others, as well as creating more equitable and accessible health services for all.

LinkedIn: Zuha Qureshi
Instagram:  Zuha_Qureshi