Marty Oslinger


Marty graduated from Northview Heights Collegiate and obtained his high school diploma in 1962. He entered the Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto but left after 4 years because he felt a career in dentistry was not for him. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 1970, Marty worked as a Chemistry tutor at Scarborough College (U. of T.) for one year before he began his first teaching job at Overlea Secondary School in September, 1973. He taught Chemistry, Science and even a class of Phys Ed. Marty loved to coach and was involved in coaching girls’ softball and volleyball, tennis and track and field. In 1981, Marty was involved in the Chemistry Club and along with Clyde Chamberlain, set up special projects in Chemistry and performed in the Chemistry Christmas shows which also raised money for local food banks. 

When Overlea became Marc Garneau Collegiate in 1987, Marty was involved with setting up the TOPS Chemistry curricula and taught Grade 11 and 12. He also served as Staff Advisor for the Graduation Committee and helped organize several proms. Marty left Marc Garneau Collegiate in 2002 to spend more time with his new bride and got a part-time job teaching Grades 7 and 8 Science at the National Ballet School in Toronto where he spent the next 8 years. He finally retired from teaching in 2010.

Since then, Marty has been keeping busy pursuing his interests such as golf and tutoring in Regent Park (Pathways to Education) and remaining in social contact with many friends. “With a loving wife by my side, adorable pet dogs, and true friends, I feel very fortunate and blessed. My one goal in life is to shoot a golf score that matches my age. As things look now, I expect to live to be 100 or more. Ha, ha!” 

Marty has been actively involved in the Alumni Association since its inception. He has helped organize the many golf tournaments which acted as fund-raisers and was actively involved in planning school reunions (20th, 25th, 30th and 40th). He is currently a Director of the Alumni Association. Marty is currently living in East York happily retired with his beautiful wife, Marg and their two dogs, Emma and Max.

Last updated on July 2021