Vinod Mahabir


After graduating in 1982 from Overlea Secondary (now Marc Garneau Collegiate) Vinod went on to courses in Business Management at Seneca College and General Studies at University of Toronto’s Woodsworth College. He holds his Certificate in Project Management, serves on the Board of Directors of the Pickering Literacy Program and is advisor on Pickering High School’s Community Council. He is a veteran of the financial services and information technology industry. After 20 years in corporate Canada, he launched the consulting firm, Solutions Access Professionals Inc. in 2010 providing management services to businesses and technical firms.

Vinod joined the Overlea/Marc Garneau Alumni Association in 2011, acting as chair of the celebrations for the school’s 40th reunion (1972-2012) and the Alumni Association’s 20th Anniversary (1982-2012). Appointed in 2013 as President, Vinod’s responsibilities include managing the mission and goals of the association by guiding strategic planning, program development and outreach initiatives for the over 1500 alumni members. Other duties involve coordinating the activities of the Alumni members, budgeting for the scholarship programs, overseeing the shaping of communications which promote the alumni association and general support of school initiatives such as student engagement and mentoring.

Last updated on July 2021