To provide substantial, multi-year university scholarships to intelligent, motivated new entrants to Canada who are very likely to succeed at university but held back by lack of financial resources.


  • Each scholarship is $5,000 per year for four years (i.e., $20,000 over four years)
  • The Terms & Conditions (appended) include the fact renewal is dependent on a combination of (i) continued full-time enrolment at a Canadian university, (ii) the student passes all their courses (with flexibility for extenuating circumstances) and (iii) good behaviour (e.g., they haven’t broken the law or been suspended by the school).


1. Born outside Canada and having arrived in Canada since the start of grade 7.

2. Financial need

  • Based on family income (self-declared on application, shortlisted candidates must provide verification via CRA Notice of Assessment for prior tax year)
  • The student is not a recipient of other scholarship(s) totalling greater than $20,000 over four years

3. Good grades

  • Current grades (can include context of trajectory of grades over the course of high school)
  • Subjective input from selection committee in the case of students of high potential whose grades don’t reflect their abilities because they are impacted, for example, by working substantial part-time hours to support their family

4. Evidence of caring / engagement / good character

  • For example, works part time to help support family, cares for family member(s), volunteers in the community, involvement at school

For finalist candidates, references will be requested.

Application Process/Timeline:

    1. Scholarship application available
    2. Application due
    3. Selection committee meets to shortlist candidates
    4. 30-minute interviews with shortlisted candidates
    5. Reference checks
    6. Finalist selection meeting & proof of income via Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment for prior year
    7. Notify finalist

Canada Achievement Scholarship Terms and Conditions

1. To be eligible for a Canada Achievement Scholarship (“Scholarship”), the applicant must:

a. Be in their final year of high school;

b. Be born outside of Canada and immigrated to Canada since the beginning of grade
seven; and

c. Certify that all the information provided on their application and in their supporting
documentation, and all information shared during their interview, is true, accurate and
complete to the best of their knowledge.

2. The applicant authorizes the Scholarship selection committee to collect, use, store and confirm information about the applicant provided on the application submitted (including references) to those who need to know such information for the purposes of administering and promoting the Scholarship. The selection committee will use the information only for the purposes of evaluating the application.

3. A Scholarship awarded under the Program can be held at any college or university in Canada.

4. The Scholarship cannot be held concurrently with any other financial awards that total more than $20,000 over four years.

5. A Recipient must:

a. Attend an approved Canadian university on a full-time basis (as defined by the school);
b. Be enrolled in a course of study leading to a first degree/ diploma; and
c. Pass all courses.
d. Transcripts at the end of each University school year to be provided to ensure the
following year funding

6. Recipients may change disciplines, programs and/or universities during the Scholarship term. Grades or marks obtained in supplementary or repeated examinations in the same academic year (including summer sessions) will be considered in extenuating circumstances. If a Recipient fails a course, which is not remediated in the same school year, except as a result of serious illness, accident or death in the immediate family (supporting medical documentation may be required), he/she will forfeit the Scholarship.

7. Recipients may defer enrollment in an approved university for up to one year, or they may
interrupt their studies for up to one year, on one occasion only, at the successful conclusion of an academic year. Reinstatement of the Scholarship will be conditional on reacceptance at an approved university. Recipients who fail to return to school after one year deferment or who drop out of school will forfeit the Scholarship.

8. A Scholarship may be terminated at any time upon the occurrence of any behaviour on the part of the recipient that we, in our sole discretion, deem inappropriate.

9. Recipients must inform themselves as to the tax consequences of receiving the Scholarship.

10. Recipients agree to support our efforts, in a mutually agreed upon way, to expand the Canada Achievement Scholarship program.