A Book About A 37 Year Teaching Experience at Overlea/Garneau

In comparison to any other teachers, I was lucky to have the longest teaching career at this school.  I thought it was incumbent me to record my experiences and perhaps in doing so provide some insights into the profession of teaching for those who are considering a teaching career or those who are already involved. I did carefully outline the highlights of the day to day activities of the staff and students in a humorous manner and try to share aspects of the special school environment that existed inside these four walls.

The book covers the time from 1974 until 2011. The title is” The World’s Oldest Profession….. Teaching: An Amazing Adventure by Clyde Chamberlain”. There are over 100 colour photos (in the full colour copy) that I relate to the text. Many staff and students are mentioned and in photos but of course, most are not simply because of numbers. Even though the 200+ page book is my memoir, I include many anecdotes about adventures and occurrences that I may not have been directly involved with.

Since the name and school focus changed in 1988, I included some of the background leading up to that metamorphosis. For those of you that graduated from Overlea, you can see what happened to the school once it was named after Dr. Marc Garneaiu.

Whether you were “Overlea” educated or a TOPS student, you should enjoy the variety of stories and experiences outlined in the book. The driving force behind the writing of this book was not to make money but to share a wonderful experience and lifetime of memories.

I have 32 full colour copies for $35 each. My email is clydechamberlain1@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing one with a few typos. The edited full colour version is available also from Amazon for $56 CD or in B&W for $34.

Clyde Chamberlain HBSc., MSc., Bed.