MGCI Chemistry Christmas Shows

In 1981, Chemistry teachers, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Oslinger introduced a pre-Christmas production of short skits that involved chemical demonstrations and humour.  From that starting point, these shows morphed into satirical spoofs on current movies and topics such as “The Phantom of Overlea” (from Phantom of the Opera) and “Men in Black”. These were performed to a packed audience of students and staff on the Friday morning before the Christmas break. Ultimately, two detectives, Earl (Mr. Chamberlain) and Myer (Mr. Oslinger) emerged as the hilarious duo commissioned to solve the crime at hand.  Staff members appeared in supporting roles and cameo appearances, adding to the enjoyment of the performance.  Money and food were collected at each show and given to various charities like the Salvation Army.  Steve Lang has been instrumental in digitalizing the VHS taped shows and placing them on YouTube.  There are more shows to be added.  To view the shows that have been posted so far, click on the link below and watch and enjoy it.

Link:  MGCI Chemistry Christmas Shows